Wholesale Terms

Minimum Order Quantity
Individual items will have different MOQ's. For example stickers may have an MOQ of 10 and pins may have a MOQ of 3. MOQ's will be listed on the individual product page.

Invoices will be sent via email once your order has been reviewed and will include any shipping or courier fees. 

Payment Terms
For new stockists payment is required before the order will ship. For established stockists, Net30 is available. Payment is due no later than 30 days after submitting your order. A penalty of 5% will be applied after 30 days. If your account is ever 60 days past due, Net30 will no longer be available. 

Payments can be made through check or credit card. Any returned checks will accrue a $40 returned check fee. 

Shipping and Lead Time
Please allow 7 business days for orders to be processed. Orders will ship via UPS, unless otherwise noted. If you are in Seattle, you can also select courier delivery or pick-up. Pick-ups are available by appointment only, at our studio in SoDo. 

Damages and Defects
Please notify us within 5 days of your delivery if you have any damages or defects. Please include pictures of the damages or defects. 

We do not offer exclusivity, however we are mindful to not over saturate a neighborhood. If you register and we notice you are close to one of our existing stockists, we will contact you.