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the Bowl Maker

Unbound Pages: Stardust Writings 2020 and 2021 (set of 14)

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A collection of 14 unbound pages from artist Cary Lane.

Each winter Cary does a series of stardust writings. Reflecting upon how this planet, and everything upon it, is built out of the elements of stars that went out, and in that process sent life on earth all the building blocks needed to create. To be thus connected to every tree, every neighbor through this stardust, it is an amazing true story to put ourselves back into. 

She takes these stardust writings and gets to work in the studio. From writing to bowl to paper and paint, the art of these stardust reflections keeps circulating until the body of work is completed. These stardust unbound pages are the painted poem part of the series gathered together to create a stardust bundle.

This set of stardust writings were shared in her recent show, The Clay Forest. She will be documenting this show on her website soon, where you can see the stardust writings in full installation. And see how the pink leaf paintings and all of their writings took one more evolution after the printing of the unbound pages.

To stardust! To the elements the old stars gave us to make art, and the paper and ink to make these stardust bundles!