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the Bowl Maker

Tattoo Ticket

Tattoo Ticket


This sliding scale option is offered with an open heart and no agenda. Please select the cost that allows you to purchase a piece of art for you body; I want to make it affordable to all.

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You have found a specific piece of my art that you love and want to tattoo onto your body forever- wow, thank you, I am honored! This tattoo ticket will provide proof of payment which you may show to a tattooist of your choice. Thank you for acknowledging me as the artist through the payment, I appreciate your support.

to ink! to connection! to images that speak deeply to us!
may this image travel well with you,

Please read this information before buying:

Below are some nuts and bolts about the tattoo ticket. I am going to be thorough here because clarity is important.

This is a "tattoo ticket" that gives you permission to have a professional tattoo artist ink one of my existing illustrations onto your body. I am not a tattoo artist, so you will have to take my art to someone who is. This ticket is good for one image--not multiple designs.

You can use a screenshot of my art to show the tattoo artist the image you want. I may have a higher resolution image of the work you are selecting--if I do, I am happy to share it with you to aid the tattoo artist in capturing the image you love. Please email to inquire about the availability of a high resolution image. If an image is sent to you, it may not be used for any purpose other than showing your tattoo artist.

After completing your ticket purchase, you will receive a downloadable file of your "tattoo ticket" to show your tattooist. The ticket will have an image of an owl with gems on it. This is the standard image for the ticket, a ticket with the specific art you are selecting is not available. 

More Terms and Conditions are included below.

Terms and Conditions

This is not a physical product. It is a digital file of a tattoo ticket to show your tattooist, that shows you have honored me as the artist

No returns, exchanges, or cancellations for tattoo tickets

I retain the copyright for the image that you want tattooed. Your chosen image is only for a single tattoo; no other purpose is given for the use of the art.

There will be no exclusivity offered with any design. This means that any illustration is open to anyone who wishes to use it for a tattoo and you may end up bumping into someone randomly some day with the same tattoo as you. Hopefully this means that you just met a stranger who will become a good friend as you have the same taste in art, or share a quality that connects you!

If you buy a tattoo ticket for someone as a gift and they do not like my art, the ticket will not be refunded.

This ticket is NOT for a custom tattoo design. The art is a piece selected from existing art.

I do NOT do commissions.

Please do not transform, alter, or manipulate the art without first talking to me about it. Changes to wording are not to be made without my consent. Contact to inquire about any deviations from the original art.

My art is not allowed to promote hate or any form of discrimination.

Please share your finished tattoo with me if possible. And THANK YOU for choosing my art to adorn your body. Best compliment ever!

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be given on the purchase of this item.

About the artist

Dedicated studio artist, in love with a fisherman, mama bear to two young adults, living 100% off grid on solar and hydro power for 25 years, dog rescuer, neighbor to an elk herd that roams the foothills of Mount Baker in Washington State, owner and artist of The Bowl Maker company, too many personal and collaborative art projects to count and always one or two in the hopper, adding to the spark and passing it on, sharing wonder by the cupful.

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